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Covid-19 Policy - Health and Safety during our photosessions

Hello and welcome back,

we would like to give you a little update on our business since some of the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted/adjusted and there are further adjustments on the way.

Since recently, more people are allowed to work in people’s homes (guidance from 11th May) and following yesterday’s further announcements that from 1st June we are allowed to meet more people outside, we also are preparing to resume our photography services.

We cannot wait to be part of your family photoshoots again, but we also understand we need to be prepared and take additional precautions to ensure the safety of our Clients and ourselves, so that we can start taking bookings from 1st June.

We are planning to resume outdoor sessions from 1st June and potentially some studio sessions from 15th June (providing the guidelines will not change).

Below you can see practices we are putting in place (on top of everything we’ve been doing before) to keep our surroundings and home studio setting clean and safe for all families.


We will ensure a safe distance in outdoor sessions. As scientists agree, the risk of spreading the virus in open spaces is much lower, therefore we will try to utilize wonderful outdoor spaces in our sessions. Using longer focal lengths helps us to stay at a distance while capturing beautiful family portraits.


We have been using hand sanitizers in studio sessions for some time now (especially during newborn sessions when we have more contact with babies). Since now, we are introducing more frequent hand washes and will continue using hand sanitizers throughout the session. We will also ask parents to bring their own hand sanitizer to use.

Masks and gloves can be provided by us and available to use during the studio session. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to bring your own.


As previously, the entire home studio will be cleaned, this includes fabrics, props and equipment.  Everything that a baby touches during the session is always cleaned or washed straight away (non-bio liquid is used for fabrics and outfits). Regular hand washing and sanitizing will remain mandatory.


It is the newest addition to our studio equipment.  A UV + Ozone lamp provides double sterilization and disinfection; it uses UV light and ozone gas to kill most bacteria and viruses. We will be turning the lamp before and after each session to ensure the environment is as safe as possible. The light from lamp sterilizes the air and surfaces/accessories much more effectively than liquid disinfectant. It also helps to sterilize anything we are unable to spray or wash e.g. some delicate wool props


We would ask that if anyone in your household is experiencing any symptoms of being unwell, that the session is postponed for another time. This is also the case if you know you’ve been in contact with someone infected by coronavirus. This also means that we will do the same in case anyone in our household is unwell.


Only close family members will be allowed for each sessions.

We understand that expecting and new parents are particularly worried at this time. We can assure you that we are taking this situation very seriously. We are parents ourselves and  understand the importance of working with children in a safe and clean environment, while meeting the baby’s safety and need for comfort.


Having your family photos taken should be an amazing and stress-free experience. We will be doing our best to provide you with those precious family photos in a safe and comfortable environment. These photos will be with you for years to come and should bring you many happy memories.

Finally, if your session has been postponed due to Covid-19, you will be given priority when dates open up again in June – we will get in touch with you first!

We hope to see your happy faces really soon :) Stay safe!

Newborn and baby photographers, based in Crawley, West Sussex. We are also covering cake smash, birthday and maternity photoshoots. Happy to discuss family celebrations, including christenings and reunions. We cover Sussex, Kent and Surrey areas.

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