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Maternity Photoshoots-Crawley and Horsham, West Sussex

Welcome to our first blog post in 2019. In the next few blog posts, we would like to tell you more about our most popular services, which is maternity and newborn photography. We are going to start first with the pregnancy photoshoots.

Of course, we are huge advocates of photos in general (surprise, surprise :))… but we appreciate them even more when we get to look at our albums and we can see how much we all have changed over time. It’s so nice to look at those memories and think –“ Oh my gosh, I don’t remember having such a huge pregnancy belly!” or “ Wow, you were tiny back then..” then you look at the pictures with your children and you show them their journey from being in the tummy to newborn baby and how they’ve changed and grown so far.

We appreciate that pregnancy photos my not be necessary on your list of essential things to prepare for baby’s arrival, but how many times in your life are you going to be pregnant? You won’t get those butterflies and kicks at any other time in your life; you won’t feel so special and unique in a few months again. Pregnancy can teach you to love and appreciate your body even more, it is such a special time that is only yours and your baby’s. Maternity photoshoot can treasure those moments forever.

Nowadays, pregnancy photos become more than just the mom and her about to-be-born child, they are more about the whole family, their love for one another and their excitement about the new addition. The way a partner looks at your bump and you, your hands on the belly feeling the wriggle. It may be hard for some children to share the spotlight once their new baby brother or sister is born, so including them in the maternity photo shoot is a fantastic way to make them feel special.

If you know you’d love to have some memories from your pregnancy time, but have absolutely no idea about the style and type of photos, we offer a few options to suit everyone’s taste and style:

1. Outdoor sessions - by far the most popular maternity sessions we are doing. Not only does it allow us to utilize natural light, but being outdoors also gives us plenty of options for creating beautiful images. We can use flowers, trees, meadows as the backdrop, introduce elements like water or sunset. Shooting outdoors is also perfect if there are other children involved, as it offers flexibility and freedom to move around. Little ones do not feel so “restricted” and usually feel happier to be on the photos. We know many places in Crawley and around that are ideal for this type of session – Tilgate Park and Buchan Park in Crawley, Roffey Park in Horsham, Priory Park in Reigate and of course fabulous seaside locations. We are planning to explore also areas of Redhill and East Grinstead as we have many clients from those locations too.

2. Studio sessions – perfect when the weather is not cooperating or when your health conditions require you to be indoors with the option to rest any time you need. Simple and elegant portraits that capture pregnancy beauty in a timeless and “clean” image. Silhouette photos can be a part of any studio session – this versatile pose captures your shape perfectly.

3. If you feel like you want to truly show off your bump, then it is worth considering a boudoir- type of session – this is most intimate pregnancy photoshoot that embraces and celebrates your glowing pregnancy body. Boudoir photography during pregnancy is also a well-deserved moment for you to pamper yourself. Soon enough, you will have little time to focus on getting your hair and make-up done to feel like the goddess you should. Those type's of session can be with just the bump exposed, in your underwear or completely naked - this is entirely up to you.

Did you know that we have a collection of purpose-sewn maternity gowns that accentuate your body and make you feel like a…. We have various colours and styles – from princess-like that just flow beautifully, figure-hugging that show off your curves to vintage-style ones. Pictures below show a selection of our pregnancy dresses that are available for photoshoots.

Maternity photo session can be booked at any time, but the photoshoot itself is best when done at the beginning of your third trimester, ideally before week 35 as then you may start to feel uncomfortable.

We are based in Crawley, West Sussex, but we cover many surrounding areas including but not limited to: Horsham, East Grinstead, Copthorne, Crawley Down, Haywards Heath, Redhill, Reigate, Guildford and Brighton. Call us or send us a message to schedule your maternity session.

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