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Cake smash and bath tub photography session, Crawley, April 2018

Zaktualizowano: 5 kwi 2018

We have decided to launch our photography blog this year - it will help us to share more photos from our sessions, some ideas for future photo shoots, behind the scenes photos and also let you see who we are as photographers … well this is the idea anyway. As it is the first blog post, we will see how it develops.

One of the reasons we love photography is the happiness we get from our clients when we deliver photos from their special moments and celebrations.

When we have a family visiting us with their newborn babies - all sleepy and curled up, we know how quickly everything will change. We love it when we can see babies grow and develop when they came back to us for their next milestone.

Cake smash sessions are a fantastic way of celebrating their first birthday; some parents decide to do this instead of a party.

We met this gorgeous boy when he came to us for his newborn session and now, one year later, we were delighted to be part of his special first birthday celebrations!

Before we even pulled the cake out, we started the photo shoot with some formal portraits of the little one and also some with parents and siblings. It is a great way of capturing children’s curiosity when they observe new surroundings and get used to the camera; on that occasion we got lots of smiles even at this early stage. We decided to take formal portraits with minimal amount of props, to truly deliver timeless photos.

When portraits were taken, we prepared the set-up for the smash part. We tried to make it not too busy to make sure the child was the focus of photos. When decorations were ready and the baby was dressed in cake smash outfit, we introduced the cake.

The little one started carefully checking the cake with every touch and bite, but he quickly went for it and smashed it all. We really enjoyed recording the fun and excitement that was happening in our studio!

With children photography it is all about the angles! We moved around to capture the entire scene but also the close ups of the baby.

When we captured enough photos of the smash part we changed the set-up and decorations for the craziest part, which is the bath tub. This is by far the most fun and exciting part of the whole session. After all, every baby loves warm bath with bubbles! Apart from being yet another opportunity to take photos, this is also a practical way of cleaning them up after the messy part of the photo shoot. Believe us, splashes go everywhere and our studio could be truly flooded!

A cake smash is definitely a multi-sensory experience!

To book a Smash&Splash session for your little one (cake smash and bath tub) photo session in Crawley, West Sussex, please drop us a message through Facebook, our website or just email us at

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