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About newborn and baby photography sessions

The first days of baby's life are very magical, all the adored newborn features change so quickly and your baby will never be this little and new again.  We can help you to create memories of this incredible time to cherish forever.

Our newborn sessions are completely led by a baby and are tailored around the comfort of you and your little one. Sessions are never rushed, making time for a feed, change or a cuddle with mum and dad. As the safety and comfort of your baby are most important to us, during all our newborn sessions the photographer is always accompanied by an assistant to help safely pose the baby and provide support when needed.


Newborn sessions take place in our home studio where we have a wide range of backdrops, props (baskets, little beds, buckets), hand-made clothes for a boy and a girl and many fantastic hats and headbands. There is no need for you to provide anything for the session, apart from the nappies and feeds. The studio is always warm to ensure the little one is comfortable and we provide refreshments for parents.

We usually plan 3 different set-ups and as well as capturing your new bundle of joy, we also spend some time getting family shots with parents and older brother or sister.

Every detail in the session is carefully planned and you are more than welcome to choose colours for the session. It is worth thinking about your home decor and baby's nursery if you are planning to have the photos printed on a canvas and even to think about colours you would like to avoid. Please do not worry if you are unsure and would rather leave it to us.


Your newborn sessions can take anything between 2-4 hours depending how sleepy and hungry your little one is. We spend a great deal of time getting perfect poses, facial expressions and even waiting for smiles.

We understand that the first weeks with a new baby can be very stressful and tiring, so please take this opportunity to sit back and relax with a lovely cup of coffee and tea.


When is the best time for newborn photography?

Our preferred time to photograph newborns is in their second week of life.  Beautiful images can be made at any age, but it is during the second week that the most artful poses may be achieved. 

At this age, babies are still flexible and curled as they were in the womb.  Their sleep is usually quite deep, and it’s also before the onset of any possible baby acne or colic.  All of these factors make posing, calming and editing easier and it makes the more difficult poses possible.  It is also the ideal time to capture that true newborn look.

As they pass their two-week mark, they may start to stretch more, can be more alert and less sleepy and any poses that require the baby to be in a deep sleep may become difficult. However, please don’t worry if your baby has arrived already and is a little older. We are happy to photograph newborns up to 6-8 weeks old; although we will still take fantastic photos, we cannot guarantee that the same poses can be achieved.

The booking process for newborn photography

We advise parents to book their newborn session as soon as they decide to have their baby photographed and the earlier, the better to ensure availability. If you book with us while you’re still pregnant, we can usually guarantee your session before the baby is 14 days old.

We will ask you to provide your due date, pay the deposit and sign our terms and condition. We can then pencil you in the diary for around 12 days after your due date. Don’t worry if your baby arrives earlier or later - we all know babies rarely arrive on time. Your session will be moved forward or backwards depending when your little one makes an appearance. We’ll just ask you to let us know when your baby arrives. 

What to wear for the newborn session?

Newborn session is the time when we ask our clients to keep outfits really simple. In this case, you don’t want the clothing to overshadow the precious little person that we’re showcasing. We recommend plain, calm colours – grey, pastels, white and black work well for these shoots. For older siblings, please also consider colours that do not overpower the little one – simple, plain outfits are best. Please refrain from wearing clothes with logos, large print and characters - these graphics can really detract from the focal point (your little one and your family).

There is no need to bring any outfits for your newborn baby.

What to bring for a newborn session?

If you bottle feed, bring extra milk as baby will feed more – they will be hot and thirsty and as their sleep will be disturbed by moving and posing, they may need more milk to help them relax.

Please bring a dummy, even if you baby doesn’t use one. It is very useful during the session to help soothe a baby. A spare set of clothes and extra nappies will be useful as well.

If you have any specific toys or teddies for your baby, please feel free to bring them along with you to include in the photos.

Before your newborn session

Whenever possible we recommend trying to keep your baby awake and active for about two hours before the session. This will help to keep them nice and sleepy when the session starts. We also suggest dressing them in loose-fitting clothes (like a baby grow) as some babies don’t like being undressed and particularly don’t like clothes being pulled over their heads.

The studio gets quite warm to ensure baby’s comfort so we ask parents and siblings to consider wearing layers you can remove.

Arriving on time is very important; we may have another session later on, so if you are late we may not be able to extend your session.

Newborn photography package information

To book simply contact us and we'll plan a date and time for your photography session.

A £100 of deposit is required to book your session and this is deducted from the total package balance.

All payments are non-refundable. The remaining balance is due on the session day.



  • Full access to our collection props and baby outfits

  • A whole gallery of fully edited images from your session (typically 25) on USB

  • 4"x6" prints supplied in a beautiful wooden box

  • folio box with 10 A4 images OR A4 photo book

  • 10 chosen photos in Black and White

  • A beautiful slide show of all your images

What happens after the session?

Following your session, you will be invited to view your images and choose the package. Viewing appointment will take place 3-4 weeks after your session and this  it the time you will see a beautiful presentation with the results of the session. 

Depending on the package selected (and products purchased),the products will be available within 2-4 weeks  from viewing appointment and will need to be collected within 2 weeks from the initial information that order is ready .


Please complete the contact form with your details 

and we will get back to you shortly.

By contacting us you agree for your details to be processed and stored by us according to our Privacy Policy .


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