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Cake Smash & Splash Photography Crawley

About Cake Smash and Bath Tub session

To mark children’s first or second birthday we offer cake smash and bathtub (splash fun) studio photography sessions. These sessions are entirely focused on the little one and their special day and they are a fantastic way of celebrating. Although originally a fun trend from the US, cake smash photography is now very popular in the UK.

Cake smash sessions are fun for baby and provide a unique opportunity to capture their curiosity and personality at this young age. They are like a sensory play, but rather than letting them play with paint or play dough, they are free to explore a delicious birthday cake. Parents love it too – they can sit back and watch their little one having fun, while enjoying a cup of tea/coffee themselves and not having to worry about cleaning up the mess afterwards :)

How does a Cake Smash work?

We want to keep the session relaxed and fun throughout.

Our Smash&Splash sessions are divided into three parts:

We start by taking some lovely “official” portraits of your little one - they can be standing, sitting, crawling and everything else they are into at that certain time. Parents and siblings are welcome to join as well. Those shots are usually kept simple and capture their natural beauty.

After baby portraits we introduce the cake and the fun of exploring, eating and prodding the cake starts. They are free to play with it as much as they want.

We end the sessions with a nice, warm and bubbly bath. This is yet another opportunity to take lovely photos, while they splash and watch the bubbles. Splashes go everywhere and trust us, no encouragement is necessary - it can get really flooded in our studio :)

What do you need to bring for Smash and Splash session?

We would ask you to provide an outfit for the portraits part – an elegant dress, shirt and trousers; we have some choice of outfits available as well.

We can provide the outfits and decorations for the smash session, which may include tutu, shorts, bow ties, suspenders, vests, tops etc. You are more than welcome to bring your own outfit if you wish.

For the splash part, we will ask you to bring your baby’s towel and a spare set of clothes just in case. A cup of their milk or a favourite drink will be useful to bring as children get thirsty, as well as a dummy and a cuddly toy.

The whole session lasts about 1.5 hours.  Please note that we do not provide the cake but we are more than happy to advise what would be suitable.

Smash and Splash photography package information

For simplicity, we offer one Smash and Splash package - 10 beautiful, full resolution digital photos provided on our custom made USBs for £200. Further files are available for purchase at £15 per image.

Please note we do not supply the cake.

To book simply contact us and we'll plan a date and time for your photography session.